DM6 understands the need for balance between creative intentions and the necessity of providing a safe working environment for your cast and crew. We have the expertise to minimize the risks and help protect your greatest resources, your people, your reputation and your investment in the project. Let us figure out how to make your creative vision fit within the risk management standards of today’s entertainment industry.


We assist productions in their safe return to work and daily operations. Our support is here to assess the management of COVID-19 risk in all types of production and to assist employers with their own COVID-19 safety plans across all departments.


Our team members are well versed in Infectious disease control and epidemiology and provide Pre-Access Screening, Fever Monitoring, Physical Distancing, PPE and support from trained medical personnel.

Our location managers, fixers, and dedicated crew of safety and risk professionals are experienced with all aspects of COVID safety and infection control to meet the high-level guidelines to support the motion picture industry. We are adept at working with a range of clients, including protection of Hollywood A-list actors and immune compromised workers.

We understand the complexity, discretion and adaptability needed in the entertainment industry.


Testing of workers can be arranged on site with qualified nurses provided to execute testing of groups multiple times per week. In addition, pre-deployment and travel hub testing can be arranged for workers travelling to remote work sites on shift change cycles.

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