Our mobile COVID testing services symptomatic or asymptomatic patients; an ideal solution for those who wish to have testing conducted in the comfort of their own home alleviating the need to stand in line endlessly for hours all while reducing exposure.


Our registered nurses conduct standard nasal viral PCR, antigen and serology testing. All testing follows strict protocols to carefully collect, administer, and deliver swabs and/or blood draws for further screening.  

DM6’s real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing provides the necessary attestation documentation for international and cross-border travel recognized globally. Authorized and accredited lab partners provide test results within 24-48 hours from the time of test administration.


Antigen testing is available for those who want peace of mind with a quicker turnaround time on results. Negative and positive results are relayed within 10-15minutes from the time of test administration. Antigen testing is widely used as the stepping stone to then proceed to a more sensitive confirmatory test being the PCR test.

Our Antigen test is the most efficient solution for traveling to the USA with results to be relayed within as little as 10 minutes. Subject to change - the USA is is the only country currently accepting Antigen testing ing for border crossing.


Antibody testing, also known as serology testing, is used to help individuals and their health care providers understand if they’ve had prior infection or exposure to COVID-19. Antibody responses to the virus take some time to develop and vary between individuals.  For the most accurate results (results with the highest sensitivity), it is recommended that the antibody test is ordered 3-4 weeks post-onset of symptoms or post-exposure.

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